About Me


As an environmental scientist, I aim to:

  1. Advance our understanding of the natural environment and the influences of human activities.
  2. Bridge the gap between science and society, so that public policies, business decisions and personal choices are made with a sound understanding of the underlying science and its implications.

Currently I’m focusing on the first goal, as a PhD student in Professor Simona Bordoni’s research group at the California Institute of Technology. My particular passion is the atmosphere: the air we breathe, the weather we experience in our day-to-day lives, and the fascinating movement of the atmosphere around the planet, creating diverse climates from deserts to rain forests. My research focuses on the tropical monsoons which affect the water resources, agricultural productivity and economic vitality of more than half the world’s population. For more details, please check out my Research page.

Towards the second goal, I’m co-founder and secretary of Science & Engineering Policy at Caltech (SEPAC), a student organization which fosters education on the policies governing research, as well as exploring the role of scientists and engineers in policy development. To visit our website and see what we’re up to, click here!